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The podcast built for Fintech Marketers and Leaders.
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About FML
The FML Podcast is built to uncover actionable insights and explore the latest trends with some of fintech’s hardest-hitting marketers and leaders, so you know exactly what it takes to grow. 

Join our host, Shameer Sachdev, bi-weekly as he explores real-life growth tactics and insights that you can take advantage of when pushing your fintech to the next level.

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In the latest episode of The Fintech Marketers and Leaders podcast, Shameer Sachdev sat down with Lissele Pratt, the co-founder of Capitalixe, a fintech consultancy that provides global payments and banking solutions to high-risk verticals such as gambling, crypto, Forex, and financial institutions.
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About Shameer
After moving on from his career with top brands such as Barclays Wealth and Alexander David, Growth Gorilla’s Founder and Managing Director, Shameer Sachdev, struck out on his own and built the fintech growth marketing agency, Growth Gorilla. The agency focuses exclusively on catalysing growth for courageous fintechs.

Now Shameer is on a mission to share expertise from all corners of the fintech industry and provide The FML Podcast’s listeners unique and valuable insights that can help deliver real results. 
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