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Adapting to the new Content Marketing landscape

Lois Mill, Senior Content Lead at Yonder joins host, Shameer Sachdev to share her inspiring insights on the role of content marketing in today’s world. 

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The Fintech Marketers and Leaders Podcast is built to uncover actionable insights and explore the latest trends with some of fintech’s hardest-hitting marketers and leaders, so you know exactly what it takes to grow.

Join our host, Shameer Sachdev, weekly as he explores real-life growth tactics and insights that you can take advantage of when pushing your fintech to the next level.

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How to make community building work for your fintech

Henry Barton, Head of Community and Brand at Uncapped, came in to talk about the importance of setting the right foundation for building loyal communities.

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Marketing's Core: Customer Listening with Samantha de Groen

In the latest episode of The Fintech Marketers and Leaders podcast, Shameer Sachdev sat down with Samantha de Groen, Product Marketing Manager at Bunq.

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Fintech Diversity: Insights with Monica Millares from BigPay

In the latest episode of The Fintech Marketers and Leaders podcast, Shameer Sachdev sat down with Monica Millares, Product Principal at BigPay.

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Loved by top marketers

Each episode is packed full of gems to help fintech marketers like me to unlock opportunities, look at things in a different light and push ourselves further.

Henry Barton

Head of Community - Uncapped

The team always knock it out of the park with really insightful content. They have excellent speakers & the conversation is always inspiring. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Harshil Varsani

Creative Director - TotallyMoney

Great content and questions that give us all insight into the world of Fintech. Also made some useful connects through this community which is a bonus.

Keith Fenner

CEO - Get Slice App

My go to source for insights and inspiration from Fintech leaders

Cal Graham

CEO - Wayhome

I LOVE the Podcast! With insightful interviews and a host fully in tune, asking great questions to delve deeper into certain topics. I recommended it to many colleagues.

Ian Russell

Head of Performance - MoneyHub

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About Shameer

After moving on from his career with top brands such as Barclays Wealth and Alexander David, Growth Gorilla’s Founder and Managing Director, Shameer Sachdev, struck out on his own and built the fintech growth marketing agency, Growth Gorilla. The agency focuses exclusively on catalysing growth for courageous fintechs.

Now Shameer is on a mission to share expertise from all corners of the fintech industry and provide The FML Podcast’s listeners unique and valuable insights that can help deliver real results.